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Beginning of the modern story of wine.

After second world war, Italy is being rebuilt, and these are the times of hopes and dreams. Grandpa Notari, Vannuccio, establishes his first “mescita di vino” in Florence, the city were his family lived since generations. Wine is a part of the Italian meal and wine shops are well popular: he is selling directly from his carboys into the “fiaschi”. Producer to consumer – also at the time, Marchesi Antinori was the most prestigious supplier. 



Beyond Italian Borders.

Italian wine is already recognisable beyond the country’s borders. This recognition, however, is not awarded due to quality, but quantity. Despite the introduction in 1963 of the DOC – appellation of controlled originis –  challenge of the decade was still define the quality of wine by its alcohol content (regardless in Tuscany, focused on Sangiovese, was difficult to obtain this particular objective). With a different vision and the aim to upgrade the quality of his products, Grandpa Notari together with his young son Giancarlo, starts to visit the suppliers to personally select the best wines to offer to consumer.


Flood of the Arno River.

Considered as the worst flood in the city’s history since centuries, this event caused the death of many people and had a lasting impact on the city, culturally and economically. Thousand of masterpieces went destroyed and a lot of shops had been hardly damaged by the waters of the Arno river. Notari’s wine shop was one of those.

compagnia del vino, antinori, notari, saverio notari, vineyard, maremma, toscana, grillesino, col de salici, land, sunlight, tuscany, italy, landscape, winery


Giancarlo Notari.

During this period, the young son Giancarlo, moves towards the world of wines. Above all, he seems to find interest in commercial strategies and he finds himself limited by the father’s store.
In this moment, he receives a proposal which changes his life, and of generations to come.
Renknown house of Antinori, with whom the grandpa already collaborated, takes notice of his acquiring interests and hires him.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.



While Giancarlo’s son, Saverio, is making his first steps, Giancarlo is a part of the fast transformation of Antinori and Italian wine. The Company, under the ownership of Marquee Piero, becomes in a few short years a strong and modernised brand.
Giancarlo helps develop and pushes new style in approaching the new wine labels.



Saverio continues in his father’s steps and help further the success of the family. While Giancarlo is continuing his successful career at Antinori, Saverio ends his studies in oenology in 1988. For the upcoming 3 years he travels the world working as assistant in the cellar for wineries in California and Australia.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.


Compagnia del Vino.

After over 30 years at the Marchesi Antinori, Giancarlo Notari decides that is time for him to start a new project: to produce and distribute wines under his own brand so to manage the 100% of the wine production process. Marquee Piero approves this new idea and allow the start up:Compagnia del Vino was born.“


Col de’ Salici.

The first brand to belong the Company is “Col de’ Salici” for the production of top quality Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG.
Prosecco was not so popular at that time but Giancarlo was able to see in it the modern, informal, light-hearted Italian drinking style that everyone loves and enjoys today.
Inspired to the most prestigious French bubbles on the market , Prosecco Col de’ Salici keeps its standards very high and become in few years leader of premium segment.


Grillesino estate.

To help Giancarlo in this ambitious project his son Saverio, enriched by the experience in California and Australia as a winemaker, backs to Italy and join the management of Compagnia del Vino. In September of the same year they decide to invest in the so called Maremma in the deep south part of Tuscany purchasing  a 20 hectares estate in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana: the  Grillesino winery.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.



In May 2009, after consolidating the production as main focus of the Company, Giancarlo and Saverio Notari travel to France to select a Maison of Champagne Producer. The selected brand is maison Récoltant manipulant, whose quality standards were similar to those of the CDV. Thanks to our efforts, Jean Pierre Marniquet is today in Italy, a steady presence in the scene.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.


CDV Magnifica.

In September 2015, the sales network is considerably extended with the entry into the CDV portfolio of the Maison Pol Roger Champagne and the wines of Marchese Lodovico Antinori. The distribution of these wines is assigned to special sales dept, the CDV MAGNIFICA that promises to serve its customers with the same professionalism and dedication that characterized our vocation since 1997.

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Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.


Castello di Fosini & Famille Hugel.

In this year we add wines from Castello di Fosini and Famille Hugel. These two brands enrich our portfolio with extraordinary white wines, wine rich in history, of traditional production and grand complexity.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.


New headquarters in Chianti Classico.

At the beginning of 2017  Compagnia Del Vino established their new headquarters in the Chianti Classico region. Around the same time, Villa S. Andrea, a producer of a high level Chianti Classico joins our portfolio.

Compagnia Del Vino S.R.L.


Compagnia Del Vino.

Compagnia del vino is led today by Saverio Notari with the support of the technical staff of the Marchesi Antinori Spa. With about one million bottles produced, the presence in 40 countries and collaborating with more than 70 agencies in Italy, we confirm in everyday employment the quality, reliability and integrity that allowed us to achieve all our goals.